Distributors can print personalised product leaflets and invitations themselves via remote publishing

More flexible communication options

Renson, a Belgian manufacturer of sun shades, ventilation systems and outdoor solutions, sells its products through a network of distributors and installers. They are the brand’s ambassadors. So Renson was looking for a way to offer those ambassadors more communication options, in keeping with the Renson corporate identity but with the flexibility they need to add their own accents.

Door-to-door distribution included if desired

Daddy Kate’s remote publishing (web-to-print) service proved ideal. With the marketing budget made available by Renson, distributors can print invitations for events such as open days or personalise product folders with their contact details, including door-to-door distribution if they wish. n.

Ideal balance between control and freedom

Renson’s marketing department still gives its approval and thus retains control, while distributors get all the flexibility they need to put Renson products and their own promotions in the spotlight. Their personalised leaflets don’t always have to be printed. They can also be downloaded and sent as PDF files with a digital offer to potential customers, for example. The digital files are also useful for publicising their open days via email campaigns or social media.

After a thorough test phase with Belgian distributors, the platform will be extended to other European countries.


Daddy Kate press release

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