Personalised printing from A to Z

The benefits of personalised printing

The possibilities of direct marketing are endless. It allows you to build a unique, personal relationship with your customer and to adapt the content of your communication according to the reader’s profile.

With personalised printing, you can address your reader directly, vary the content by region, or entice the customer with offers based on previous purchases. All with one goal: increasing the impact of your communication. Daddy Kate guides you through the entire process, up to and including sending the right content to the right reader.

Is personalised printing always digital? Yes, but …

Due to the variable content, personalised printed matter is naturally printed digitally. But for larger volumes, we often combine offset and digital. This can be done in various ways. A personalised print order, e.g. for a promotional campaign, usually consists of several items: shop posters, flyers, direct mail, etc. We split the print job into an offset part (the items without variable content) and a digital part (the items with variable content).

Variable doesn’t necessarily mean one-to-one communication. Sometimes it’s not about personalisation but about segmentation. That’s the case, for example, with a magazine or newspaper that has several regional editions. If the regional print runs are large enough, offset may still be the best choice. Our experience in complex print jobs remains an asset, of course, to ensure we steer the distribution in the right direction.

An extra run for variable content

Another possibility: adding the variable content as an additional digital run to offset printing. A good example is a promotional newspaper from a supermarket, where the various branches have their own prices. We print the entire run quickly and economically in offset, except for the prices, for which we leave a blank cut-out. Before the newspapers are folded, the flat sheets go through the digital printer to add the prices, branch by branch. This way, the client still gets personalised printing, at an advantageous price.

Rely on our advice for complex flows

Do you love complex automatic personalisation? Daddy Kate’s experience takes care of it. We’re happy to advise you on the optimal flow, on how best to create your source files for maximum efficiency, and on control mechanisms to eliminate errors.

Our personalised printing service at a glance:

  • Numerous opportunities to build a personal relationship with your customer.
  • Printing technique adapted to the job.
  • We consider which solution is most economical.
  • Advice for optimal flow and source files.



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