Happiness in a box, personalised at the last minute in small quantities for B2B purposes

Can you personalise wonder? Printing for Wonderbox proves that you can.

Wondergroup is the company behind gift boxes such as Wonderbox, Gift For You, Restaurant Gift Card, etc. In retail outlets, it sells the standard boxes with accompanying booklets, which are produced in large numbers. But did you know that Wondergroup also offers personalised gift boxes for the B2B market?

Small print runs, various formats, short deadlines … Great!

Companies can give their top 50 customers a Wonderbox as a New Year gift, for example, with a personalised sleeve around it bearing the company’s logo and message. Sleeves in small numbers, personalised, in every possible size for every Wondergroup brand, and lots of last-minute orders … Most printers would shy away from it, but for Daddy Kate the exciting work is just beginning.

Unique codes

We also produce discount cards that Wondergroup distributes through its shop networks. These have a unique code, all of which need to be produced in a specific order. Yes, that’s personalised printing too, and it’s right up Daddy Kate’s street.


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