Ordering POS materials? Discover our possibilities.

Point-of-sale material for all your promo campaigns

With local marketing—or point-of-sale marketing—you bring your promotional campaigns to life in your sales outlets, communicate directly with your customers and create a unique experience.

The ultimate in shop decoration, in large format too

We are happy to help you print your POS material. Think large displays or 3D cardboard creations, roll-ups, banners for the car park, floor stickers, wobblers, etc. Thanks to our expertise in large format printing (LFP), no promotional campaign will go unnoticed. With the Jeti Tauro printer, which prints up to 138 m² per hour, we can also handle large volumes.

We put together tailor-made packages for the perfect store layout, so your promotions are easily visible to every consumer. Daddy Kate takes care of the distribution, so all the material is available in time at all your points of sale.

Signposting too

Those who want POS material aren’t always looking for promotional displays or large window posters. Sometimes you just want clear signage, so your customers can see from afar where the fresh food section is or where they can find children’s clothes. We print your shop signs on cardboard, forex, vinyl, plexiglass or dibond.

Or maybe you’re looking for a solution to streamline the visitor flow in your store? Floor stickers that indicate the optimal shopping route are ideal.

How about themed campaigns in the office?

A Day Without Waste, Coffee-Free Monday, Bike Week … Many companies want to encourage their employees to eat more healthily, do more exercise or think about sustainability. Fun activities can ignite that spark. And of course, that calls for attractive communication materials to decorate the office in an original way and get everyone on board. Does this come under the heading of ‘ordering POS material’? Well, let’s say that POS in this case stands for ‘printed office stuff’.



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