Mutsy print work proceeding well

The pram manufacturer has been working with Daddy Kate since 2005. “As we were extremely satisfied about the collaboration with Roels Printing, which became Claes-Roels, we also kept working with these people after the merge with The Factory Brussels and the subsequent name change to Daddy Kate”, says Mutsy´s Gitte Robeyns. “We have always been satisfied about the quality, the price-quality ratio and in particular the direct and very careful supervision from DK account manager Patrick Coppieters. Despite the fact that the company has increasingly moved away from Antwerp, where I live, it remains a very pleasant collaboration.”

Daddy Kate handles the printing of the folders, the colour cards (4-page spreads), the insides of the sales folders, foam board displays, invitations and paper tags. In short: all print work for the pram manufacturer. “A long list, but Daddy Kate ensures everything is completed on time,” is what we hear. “Patrick delivers the test prints to our house, follows up on all projects very closely and actively looks for solutions if something has to be unexpectedly rush delivered. Moreover, we frequently ask questions about certain finishes or types of paper. We are always efficiently and well informed about all options and possible benefits and drawbacks, also if it is not always certain that it will result in a project.”

“Also welcome to the printers at night”

Gitte Robeyns endeavours to be present during the printing of new visual material with the first print to check the colours. “Daddy Kate is always really flexible with this. Patrick supervises the planning so I can be present. Once I drove to the former printers in Lier during a night shift. Even then the people at the printing press were well-informed and everyone was helpful, friendly and professional as ever.”

Onwards to the second decade?

An excellent price-quality ratio and an exceptionally good and personal supervision with all projects, is the reason that Mutsy remains loyal to the Daddy Kate print services. “Moreover, I also

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