Wage bonus (CLA 90): more than €4,000 net for everyone! (Jun ’22)

If a company achieves good results, everyone can enjoy it. Sounds logical, doesn’t it? That’s why at DADDY KATE we share 20% of our profits equally among all employees. The Belgian government supports this initiative through CLA 90 (collective bargaining agreement), so that as an employee you only have to pay 13.07% NSSO on the amount received.

In the last 4 years, each full-time employee has thus received more than €4,000 net. For DADDY KATE, this meant an extra cost of more than 500,000€…. Have we gone completely mad then? Not at all, on the contrary. In fact, we believe our profits are a lot higher thanks to the extra commitment our employees take on thanks to this bonus!

Here’s the overview since we first paid out the salary bonus:

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