Team leader evaluation – (Jan ’23)

At DADDY KATE, all team leaders are evaluated anonymously by their team members. Every year we ask the same 40 questions and measure whether progress is being made or not. It is not an exam, but a way to start a conversation about the functioning of the team leader.

The last question is: “In general I am very satisfied with my team leader.” In January 2023, our team leaders achieved an average score of 8.2 out of 10, a fantastic result! Do the team leaders also evaluate their team members? No, because we believe that a team leader should provide direct feedback on an ongoing basis.

Last year we did a new experiment: we asked all members of a team to evaluate each other. Most of them didn’t feel comfortable with that, so they didn’t complete the evaluation. We decided to follow their judgment, there is no point in insisting if a majority does not like it.

In this way we learn in all openness, through trial and error, to what extent we can involve our employees in the general policy of our company. Sometimes we succeed, sometimes we have to take a step back. But hey, that’s life! ?


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