Solar panels for Daddy Kate (Oct ’22)

Last week we signed a contract with Scholt Energy to install solar panels on our roof. If all goes well, this investment will allow us to enjoy solar energy as early as next spring! On an annual basis, we will be able to cover about 25% of our energy consumption via these solar panels.

In the past we had also studied a few times whether we would invest in solar panels. But each time we came to the conclusion not to do it. So why did we come to a different conclusion this time? Are we suddenly more aware of our impact on the environment? 

Economy vs ecology

First of all, Daddy Kate is housed in a relatively ‘old’ building. This means that the existing roof cannot bear the weight of the solar panels. Consequently, we first have to renovate and reinforce the roof before we can install solar panels on it. As a result, the investment turned out to be unprofitable in the past, but with today’s high energy prices, it has become so.

Secondly, you have to evaluate every investment economically. Money that you invest in solar panels, is money you can no longer invest in new machines. Given our strong growth in recent years, we chose to invest in our business and service to our customers, rather than in our building. You often read that economy and ecology go hand in hand, but the truth is, that’s not always the case. Choosing one comes at the expense of the other.

Thirdly, even now that we will completely cover our roof with solar panels, we still have to get 75% of our energy needs from the electricity grid. Our decision to only purchase green electricity from the grid (which also entails an extra cost), therefore has a greater impact on our ecological footprint than the solar panels!

Too little, too late?

So is it too little, too late? On the contrary, we manage our business with due care and therefore need to consider all aspects of an investment. Only in this way can we guarantee our long-term vision!

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