Imprimerie Dumoulin: our 2nd acquisition in France (Mar ’22)

In recent years, DADDY KATE acquired no fewer than four printing companies. Three in France. One in Belgium. Who were they? What did they do? But above all, who are they today … and tomorrow? Herewith the ‘BEFORE & AFTER’ of our 2nd acquisition: Imprimerie Dumoulin (October 2020).


“I inherited the passion for printing from my father,” begins Didier Dumoulin. He joined an old printing company in the early 1970s, where he learned the tricks of the trade. Ten years later, he got the chance to take over the business. He didn’t hesitate for a second.” So begins the story of Imprimerie Dumoulin. After Didier took over in the late 1990s, he grew the print shop’s turnover to almost €5 million a year, with clients such as French textile giants Kiabi, Promod and Camaïeu.

“The assignments got bigger,” Didier continues. “That made me think. I wanted to be stronger, more impactful on the market. So the idea of an acquisition was in play from long before we were in financially tight straits. But I don’t think I was ready for it until 2019, when one of our suppliers told me about Daddy Kate. I intuitively expressed interest and that’s how the ball got rolling. Actually, I was convinced from our first meeting, although I must admit that my visit to Daddy Kate’s innovative machinery completely won me over. Impressive!”


“I have always been open and honest with my staff about the difficulties I was experiencing, as well as the opportunity to be taken over by Daddy Kate,” said Didier. “I was convinced that Daddy Kate could bring us the necessary dynamism. Especially on a commercial level. That’s also how I told my team, which pretty quickly went along with the story. I was proved right. Thanks to Daddy Kate, we are stronger. We can offer customers a much wider range, but we are also relevant again on an economic level. On top of that, continuity to customers has never been compromised. I can say nothing more than that everything went smoothly, both for myself, the customers and my staff.”


“I hope more time will soon be freed up to continue developing,” said Didier. “Both on a commercial and technical level. Knowledge about the latest techniques is a must when we go to customers. In addition, it also remains important that we orientate ourselves (even) better commercially, that we clearly market our particularities. Keep looking ahead is the message.”


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