HP Indigo Global VIP Event (May ’22)

Every year, HP Indigo organises a three-day event in Tel Aviv for its 200 best customers worldwide. Naturally, as the fastest-growing customer in the Benelux, DADDY KATE could not be absent from this event in May 2022. Moreover, our CEO Thijs Claes was part of the panel discussion. In it, he explained how, thanks to the innovative Indigo technology, we can ensure our position as market leader. It is particularly nice to see how our industry is reinventing itself all over the world!

Until 2014, DADDY KATE was a traditional offset printing company, like so many others. Through the acquisition of PAG (Sint-Jans-Molenbeek) in the same year, we not only had our first digital presses, we immediately acquired a lot of know-how! In the summer of 2019, we then invested in our first B2 digital press, HP’s Indigo 12000. The idea behind it was that it allowed us to transfer the small runs in offset to this press. Thanks to the personalization and mass customisation possibilities the Indigo 12000 offered us, it was soon full of purely digital jobs. In December 2020, we then installed the Indigo 7eco (B3 format) to further expand our capacity. Both presses have since been running in 3 shifts, to our great satisfaction and especially that of our customers!

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