‘From offset printer to ambitious graphics group’ – Dataline (Jan ’22)

Daddy Kate is a fast-growing offset and large format printing company. Since the arrival of the second generation, the Brussels-based company has grown both in depth and breadth. More than ever, Daddy Kate relies on powerful and flexible support for both their administration and production. Since 2009, they have found this in MultiPress, Dataline’s MIS/ERP software. Heidi Claes, Support Manager, and Bert Leemans, MIS & Sales Manager, explain how they use the extensive package of modules to always achieve a successful result. 

An offline printer with an online philosophy

“We try to offer customers what they ask for very quickly, from price to production and delivery,” says Heidi Claes, Support Manager. In order to be flexible and respond quickly to customers, they rely on Check & Repair by MultiPress on the one hand, and on the other hand on the well-organised planning. With Callas Preflight (Check & Repair), pdf files supplied by the customer are checked at an early stage and compared with the order data. Daddy Kate’s order managers thus intervene early, saving time, costs and errors. Scheduling in MultiPress allows the team to maintain a daily overview for each printing machine.

MultiPress Campaign Converter is worth gold

A key segment at Daddy Kate is the retail market. This translates into extended orders, where employees put together shop packages with point-of-sale material. With MultiPress’s Campaign Converter, these extensive shopping packages are started up in a few clicks. Daddy Kate’s customers typically provide Excel files that include a list of products and a distribution list. The products are automatically processed in MultiPress. This integration gives both the customer and the Daddy Kate team much more flexibility in ordering and processing these orders. Moreover, the address lists are logged directly into MultiPress’ dispatch planning. Besides the administration, the production of these orders should also go off without a hitch.

Orders under control thanks to Control Cockpit

The order managers at Daddy Kate follow up around a hundred orders every day, which are often very diverse. Thanks to the Control Cockpit in MultiPress, the order managers can guarantee a smooth production process at an early stage. In this way, they not only save costs and time, but also avoid mistakes. The workflow of operators in production improved thanks to MultiPress. With the web registration module, they can easily see the status of planned orders, with order number, description, production flow,… A complete “paperless flow”, as Bert Leemans, Sales Manager, calls it.

All last-minute data available everywhere

With three branches in France, it is important to share clear information. The aim of the paperless flow at Daddy Kate is to make all last-minute information available to everyone in one central database, and that is where MultiPress shows its unique strength in centralising all information from all branches.

MultiPress grows with you

Over the years, Daddy Kate grew from offset printing company to a one-stop shop. So a dynamic and ever-evolving printing company like Daddy Kate is happy to count on the capabilities of MultiPress. Bert Leemans concludes, “Daddy Kate is constantly on the move. This means we have to constantly adapt our software and we do appreciate that Dataline follows us in this and supports us in this.”

Source: https://www.dataline.eu/nl/klant/daddy-kate?utm_source=grafisch-nieuws&utm_medium=ezine&utm_campaign=5414

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