Favourite Place: Thijs Claes – Voka (okt ’19)

For this month’s Place Préférée, we went out with Thijs Claes. As the young CEO of Daddy Kate, he is a true Flemish-Brabant entrepreneur. For instance, they recently became the first Belgian offset printer to invest in a new digital printing press, making them the broadest player in the market. His entrepreneurship even crowned him Flemish Brabant Young Entrepreneur of the Year in 2016.


His favourite spot in Flemish Brabant is the Hof ter Bree-Eik in Lennik, one of the gems of the Pajottenland. “I myself live only a few kilometres from here. When I go jogging during the week, I try to walk past here to clear my mind. The non-asphalted roads, small lanes and beautiful views of nature make me feel like I’m in the 1950s and like life is totally alone and less rushed. So the perfect way for me to relieve the workload for a while.” Says Thijs Claes.


Source: https://www.voka.be/nieuws/place-preferee-thijs-claes

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