‘Daddy Kate makes radical transparency the basis for internal communication’ – Workforce IT (Sep ’21)

Daddy Kate, a family-run printing company in Sint-Pieters-Leeuw with 125 employees, is a maverick in its sector. Long-term vision, autonomy, transparency and trust are at the heart of the company’s culture. “Clear and fast internal communication makes these principles tangible for our employees,” says CEO Thijs Claes.
Daddy Kate radicale transparantie


With that in mind, the business leader communicates sales, margins and profits on a monthly basis. “Since we share 20 per cent of the profit with our employees, it is very important to be open about that,” he says. So aren’t they afraid of those figures being leaked? “It is a natural reflex to want to keep certain information secret. But our reasoning then is: what can you do with those figures? It wouldn’t hurt our business if they ended up with a competitor.”

Not surprisingly, there is a strong bond of trust within the company. “That is necessary to make the above principles work of course. For instance, we know that a lot of people don’t even look at the figures we share with them every month. The fact that we share them is enough for them. Because that is mainly what this transparency is: a matter of trust, it is certainly not a marketing story. We strongly believe in: ‘doing what you say and saying what you do’.”


To live up to that transparency, clear and direct communication is of course crucial. For that, Daddy Kate chose Speakap. “We looked for a long time for a good tool, as much as 10 years. Before, we used e-mail, but that is not checked enough, especially with our workers where not even everyone has an e-mail address. The choice of an internal app from Speakap was logical, also because we work in shifts.”


In interacting and communicating through the app, Daddy Kate also values autonomy, transparency and trust. Autonomy means that anyone can post messages. The communication is segmented into groups according to team, but everyone can view everything, so very transparent. This segmentation also ensures that people don’t get too many messages. “Inundating people with information is not transparency either, quite the contrary,” he says.

“We strongly believe in: doing what you say and saying what you do.”


Via the news feature, CEO Thijs Claes posts a monthly video message on Speakap explaining the previous month’s figures. This message is viewed by quasi all employees. “For me, that’s the most natural thing in the world, but I understand that it doesn’t suit everyone,” he says. There is no policy at Daddy Kate of how to deal with the internal app. “We trust our people in that, and believe that something like that will regulate itself,” he says.


How do you reach and engage workers in 3 shifts, knowing that they rarely open their mailbox? How do you offer them the chance to read what is decided in other departments?


Speakap was set up at Daddy Kate so that every employee can follow the communication flows in all departments. Those who do not need this are also not disturbed by it.


  • All desk and non-desk staff together on one platform.
  • Plug & play, the platform is available and usable from day one.
  • Internal communication capitalises on spontaneous social interaction between colleagues.
  • Branding of the app in the company’s own house style ensures recognisability and trust.
  • Who’s who’ function allows colleagues to quickly look up and contact them.


Daddy Kate maakt radicale transparantie de basis voor interne communicatie

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