DADDY KATE searches and finds Mammy Kate and kids

DADDY KATE searches and finds Mammy Kate and kids

She has said yes! DADDY KATE has found his mammy. Welcome to the family, Anita! DADDY KATE now has more than 130 enthusiastic kids, and the family continues to grow. Since November there are 10 new excellent additions to the communications and printing floor. At the start of this year, DADDY KATE created the function of agency director to handle the steady growth of its graphic design, branding and online teams. Until recently, CFO Stefan Inslegers and commercial director Guido Geraerts supervised the middle managers of these teams, but now Anita Descheemaeker takes up the reins. She will lead the agency and develop it further.

DADDY KATE has acquired a genuine talent in Anita. After a 25-year career at McCann Erickson, she subsequently worked as managing director at 7Beaufort before making the switch to The Crew Communication. In 2012 Anita strengthened the Belga news agency as marketing & sales director, and in 2015 this professional was employed as service client director at Hello Agency. In addition, Anita’s résumé lists various Effie Awards and supervises clients such as Opel, Carglass, Ethias, Coca-Cola, MasterCard and Planet Parfum.

27-year old Jens Vandeput can immediately show Anita his prowess. He started as a web developer in DADDY KATE’s online team in November. Elien Laukens has also been part of the online team since January. She has been recruited as UX expert. What is UX? User Experience Design or UX design ensures that you create an experience-focused website or app for a specifically target groups. UX Design therefore ensures that your visitors or users find your application useful, and also want to use the application.

Five new colleagues have recently commenced work in the Daddy Kate printers in Jette and Sint-Pieters-Leeuw. Keny Vanhecke (28) now works as warehouse staff member and Claudia Palazzolo (22) is a finishing technician. She is employed for the manual finishing of print work. Didier Dherinne (47), Marianne Impens (51) and Khalid Mounaim (40) are also members of the finishing team.

Wannes Dankers (26) is a driver. Since 1 February he has ensured that all print work is delivered on time. Jeroen Stroobants (27) is in charge of solving technical problems after commencing as IT support mid-March.

New Production Director Peter Schatteman has also just commenced employment at DADDY KATE. More news about our printers follows in the next edition, keep an eye out!

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