Becquart Impressions: our 1st acquisition in France (Feb ’22)

In recent years, DADDY KATE acquired no fewer than four printing companies. Three in France. One in Belgium. Who were they? What did they do? But above all, who are they today … and tomorrow? Today with Becquart Impressions, you are reading the first of 4 episodes ‘BEFORE & AFTER’!


In the early 1990s, Laurent Becquart, together with his wife, founded Becquart Impressions. The thoroughly family-run business grew into a reliable partner for high-quality printing, employing some 30 passionate employees. Thanks to some smart acquisitions, Becquart quickly gained a foothold with bigger players such as clothing chain Pimkie and hypermarket group Auchan. In 2012, they took over another printing company, Société d’Impression de La Lys, which specialises in printing administrative documents.

“For almost 30 years, I put my heart and soul into our family business. Then you don’t want it to just stop,” says Laurent. “I started talking to people about my plans to leave the printing business, and especially how. I did have some ideas about how I wanted to end my career. I was then approached by two Belgian companies, including DADDY KATE. Then, for me, it was just a matter of listening and feeling. Of course, figures and tables play a role, but in the end it’s a bit like in love … It is often a wink, a smile or an emotion that makes all the difference. So it was for Becquart Impressions and DADDY KATE. There was a click.”


”Flexibility. That is the first word that immediately comes to Laurent’s mind after more than a year of working closely together. “And that in both directions. We have been listened to a lot. DADDY KATE may be big, but they are not blind to the suggestions and expectations of companies playing in a different league. Admittedly, that size difference caused anxiety among staff and myself. Logical. Although, to my knowledge, there was never any power conflict. The whole takeover process was conducted in a very serene and human manner.


“I see the distinction between the France and Belgium branches completely fading away in the short term,” predicts Laurent. “Perhaps even now. In the beginning, there were some customers who were worried about the distance, but in the meantime even these few have completely bought into the Belgian story. They quickly realised that our branches are barely 100 km apart. Paris is further.”

“DADDY KATE continues to innovate, invest and, of course, grow,” Laurent concludes. “Being part of that feels good, although these things must never come at the expense of Mother Nature. That will be the challenge for the future.”

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