A 100-year horizon: about our radical long-term vision (Jul ’22)

Within 100 years, we want to still be there as an independent family business. Ambitious? Perhaps. But you could also call it a radical long-term vision. A vision that focuses not so much on short-term turnover, growth or profit, but rather on creating a strong company that can continue to play a meaningful role for decades to come. That is our driving force, no more or no less.

A precondition for being able to realise such an ambition is a stable shareholding. Specifically, this means that we are not looking forward to selling the company or the entry of an industry peer or investment company. We dare to put it in black and white: Daddy Kate is not for sale. In our desire to remain 100% independent is the will to write our own(sensible), unique story. It also means that Daddy Kate must be able to continue to develop across generations. This is why we routinely involve the 3rd generation even now, even if the 2nd generation still has several decades ahead of it.

We also try to involve all employees in the operations as much as possible. Whether it is about daily operations, the hiring of new colleagues or the investment in a new machine, every decision is taken in consultation with all concerned. We strive for maximum autonomy and co-determination, and minimal overhead and management functions. To this end, our current size of around 100 employees is also ideal. Everyone knows each other, we can respond quickly and maintain a family atmosphere. In a company with, say, 300 employees, this is much more difficult, so we don’t believe that’s where our future lies. But we don’t rule anything out, as long as it fits within our long-term vision.

And that is ultimately in the interest of our customers as well. As a sustainable one-stop-shop partner, we want to be as close to their wishes and needs as possible, so that we can take care of all their printing needs to the maximum. That is why we have developed extensively in the field of digital and large format printing in addition to classic offset technology. But of course, unburdening is not only about technology, but also about excellent service. For many printers, it is a sacrilege to stop the presses and take an urgent job in between. Totally inefficient. But at Daddy Kate, we do it with a smile, because our customers always come first. We don’t compromise on that. Not in another 100 years.



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